Special Materials behind our industrial items

The plastic material sector has developed constantly during the last years, in order to satisfy more and more advanced requests and the various industry needs. During the years, an ever-increasingly range of materials has taken its place on the market, together with new applications and functionalities.In this page we are going to show you a list of materials we use, in order to let you easily identify the material that best fits your needs.

PTFE is the crown jewel of Muviflon Srl: it is the quintessence of our core-business, with which we have built our values and crafted the future of our customers. We prefer PTFE among other similar materials because of its exceptional physical and chemical features, its sublime properties and its versatility.

Besides PTFE, we also deal with the following materials: Filled PTFE, TFM®1600, TFM®4105 PA6, PA12, PA6.6, PA6XAU, POM, PP, PE, PEUHMW, PVC, PCTFE (KELF®), PEEK®, DEVLON®, PPS, VESPEL® - PET, PC etc.

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